Engraving in Southampton

Engraving in Southampton

Do you want clear, engraved signposting in your building? At P. J. Drew, we have the skill to craft bespoke engraved signage and plaques for your company. When you need an engraving in Southampton, look no further than our team of experts who have the premium craftsmanship to create bespoke signage no matter how demanding the project.


Our Southampton engraving services

Engraving in Southampton

Signposting is a valuable and important feature in every building. Our Southampton engraving services are beneficial to many high profiling companies and organisations looking to promote their company and present quality from the outset.

At P. J. Drew, our Southampton engraving services will be carried out using a variety of materials including:



With its flexible yet robust nature, Brass is one of the most popular materials to use when you craft an engraving in Southampton. Its rustic quality will give you a distinctive and authoritative presence. Many of our customers have enjoyed the durability found with a brass engraving in Southampton.


Honours boards

Would you like to honour a member of your company? Come to P. J. Drew, for your dedicated honours board. Through vinyl lettering, we will engrave a name, date and devotion to your honours board. At P. J. Drew, you will be left with an impeccable honours board design.


Stainless steel

Stainless steel is another popular material to use when it comes to your engraving designs. Known for its durability, a stainless steel Southampton engraving will endure for years to come, regardless of whether it is for external or internal use.


Free issue material

Our team at P. J. Drew have the expertise to carve on an array of materials including free issue materials. Regardless of how technical the design, we will create drawings to your specifications, and to the facility you require. From the marking of serial numbers and SWL’s on your machines, free issue material is invaluable to the process of our Southampton engraving services.



Traffolyte is used predominantly for engraving signpost and is an effective material for promoting sign designs. We will customise these signs to your specific desires and this will include giving you the option of a wide range of colours to choose from. On request, our team at P. J. Drew will engrave a fire exit, control panel or room number to your individual design with our traffolyte service.


Features of our engraving in Southampton

We tailor our engraving in Southampton to your requirements. Whether you need a name, number or logo design engraved, our team will help to make your vision become a reality. Upon your request, we will manufacture a range of engraved products including the following:

Engraving in Southampton

  • Building names
  • Control panels
  • Door name and number plates
  • Memorial plaques
  • Registered office signs



About P. J. Drew

We take the complexity of your design and bring in our Southampton engraving services. With over 50 years in the industry, you can rely on P. J. Drew to provide in-house engraving designs to a wide range of premium materials. Registered to ISO 9001 standards, you will benefit from a superb signage service from out professional craftsmen. We will customise our engraving in Southampton to your requirements so that you receive a bespoke service like no other.


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Give P. J. Drew a call today on 023 8044 6062 and discover the benefits of our Southampton engraving service for your building signs. Or, if you have any queries, don’t hesitate to send an email to sales@pjdrews.co.uk.